Ace Attorney: Asian Film Festival

Ace Attorney was by far one of the best ‘game to movie’ movies I’ve ever seen. To those who were familiar with the series: the characters introduced did well to act in the same nature of their video game counter parts. To those who did not know the series the characters might come off as a bit odd, but if it was someone who was familiar to Japan’s culture they movie could have gotten away with it. The job on the courtroom did a wonderful job of imitating the same series that was on the game. The courthouse was a kind of futuristic room that, when times called for it, could display holographic screens that would display evidence or other documents vital to a court case (Similar to how a Nintendo DS would work). Not only that but the people on screen could react to the screens with mere movements, interaction, or even the snap of fingers, appearing and moving at the persons will. Even if someone wasn’t familiar with the game the comedy in the movie is just enough and humorous to make it a worthwhile film.


Blog writeup Ship in distress

Blog writeup Ship in distress

I have decided to use this picture. I was trying to get another picture I was more familiar with but its name eluded me, and I was pressed for time. I chose this picture, I believe I can do a few things to it, and it should be easy for me to manipulate with such a wide shot.