Project 2, Exercise 2.2, Final photo

Project 2, Exercise 2.2, Final photo

Project 2, Exercise 2.2, Final photo


4 thoughts on “Project 2, Exercise 2.2, Final photo

  1. overcastmind says:

    I like your final draft, its fun and random, which I think fits the word well. I also likee your second draft with the spiraling effect. Maybe combine the two somehow? I think it’d give it a really cool look.

  2. This seems to be a different direction with your word; a lot of people were being illustrative. The square format is a hard fit for such a long word so it may be hard to read what it says right away. The spiral in your drafts mixed with the various fonts might work as well.

  3. kamidei says:

    I agree and like yaidermeister and Overcastmind comments. Maybe a combination of the 2 would work better as the long word being divided into to sections makes it more difficult to see.

  4. I like the fonts you used for your word, but, I think you could do more to make it more playful and interesting instead of just having different fonts for each letter.

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